NMC Health Network

August 20, 2018

Clinical Laboratories

The NMC aims to operates onsite laboratory & Ultrasound imagining services, we ensure to deliver fast and accurate results, routine and specialized testing, that are accepted by the doctors nationwide.
Help the Needy NMC program enables patients with financial constraints to access quality diagnostic services. Our value added services include mobile app service, stat reports, SMS alert, home lab sample collection (blood, urine, stool and other samples are collected from home), E-reports, Real-time critical result reporting, multi-column reports and much more.
we aim to offer:
  • Same day and real time reporting of many test results.
  • Critical test results reporting on an urgent basis directly to the consulting doctor or patient.
  • Patients and doctors can get help in the interpretation of reports from our Pathologists.
  • A holistic service by matching all available data for each test and providing the patient or doctor with an informed report.
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