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August 23, 2018

Appreciation, Feedback and Complaints

At NMC,  we aim to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensure that patient values guide all clinical decisions. This is why we take your valued appreciation, feedback and complaints very seriously. We are committed to listening, understanding, investigating and responding to your feedback and complaints in a professional manner. Any feedback or complaint that you provide does not compromise your access to our services or the level of care that you receive. We use the information gathered as necessary to further improve our services.

Patients, families, attendants and visitors may provide appreciation and/ or feedback in the following ways:

  • Share appreciation or feedback directly with the team of doctors, nurses and/ or Front Desk.

  • Provide written notes of appreciation or feedback that can be put in our Feedback and Suggestion Boxes.

  • Email us the appreciation or feedback stating patient name,  description of the situation, and the names of our staff who were involved. The email can be sent to info​@nsrmedctr.com

  • Contact us online using ‘Contact-us’ Form.​​

Patients, families, attendants and visitors may provide a formal complaint in the following ways:

  • Raise and discuss concerns with the  doctor, nurse and/ or service coordinator at NMC. If possible, they will try to address and resolve these issues on the spot. They will log the complaint and contact management accordingly.

  • Complete theContact us online using ‘Contact-us’ Form​.

  • Register the complaint with the Front Desk or administrative staff at NMC in person.

  • All feedback, whether submitted in paper or electronic form, is handled by conducting a thorough investigation of the issue and the findings reported back to the staff and patient.

At NMC, We try our best to provide excellent care services.

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