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August 24, 2018

Chairman’s Message

Inspired by Health.

Welcome to the Nasarpur Medical Center Health Network (NMCHN). You will find information here on our website about the many programs and services NMCHN offers to our community. As our Medical Center grows our website needs to grow with us. Please expect changes to the appearance and content of this website in the coming month.

As a modern health center our efforts are centered around what is best for the community. We are singularly driven by a vision that reaches to our core. Every year we continually grow, improve and offer more to our community.

Everything that we do at NMCHN revolves around our patients and their needs. It is our constant endeavor to provide a differentiated and delightful healing experience to each one of our patients. To ensure that all our patients receive the best medical care, we have brought together a superb team of doctors, nurses and technical staff, who have proven their credentials time and again. We are very keen to serve you, in the very best way we can, and to be at your service at all times. Our presence and success we owe to all of you who have supported us, and believed in us.

As Chair I am committed to seeing NMCHN continue to grow and expand and provide excellent care to the community. Please continue to visit our website as it evolves and keep in touch via social media.

Thank you.


NMCHN Board of Directors


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