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August 28, 2018

NMC Directions (GoogleMaps)

NMC offers clinic tours for patients and visitors. Our tour team will acquaint you with the NMC facilities and help you understand what you can expect during your visit.

To schedule​ a tour, please contact us;

Nasarpur Medical Center Health Network (NMC HN)

Main Matiari Road, Nasarpur District: TandoAllahyar
P.O. Box 70040 Nasarpur
Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92 324-245-4051
Email: [email protected]

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[Karachi-To-Nasarpur] via Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway – 3 h 17 min (198 km)

[Hyderabad-To-Nasarpur] via Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas Rd/N-120 – 58 min (40.7 km)

[TandoAllahyar-To-Nasarpur] via Nasarpur Rd and Tando Allahyar Rd- 24 min (12.8 km)

[MirpurKhas-To-Nasarpur] via Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas Rd/N-120 – 49 min (42.9 km)

[Matiari-To-Nasarpur] via Matiari – Tando Allahyar Rd – 38 min (22.5 km)

[TandoSoomro-To-Nasarpur] via Tando Soomro Rd and Tando Allahyar Rd – 18 min (11.0 km)

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