NMC Health Network

August 20, 2018

Quality Health Services

Access to Quality Health Care:

The Nasarpur Medical Center Health Network (NMC HN) strives to maintain the highest standards of safe and quality health care for all patients, in all our facilities. Our doctors and other teams have excessive training and experience in managing and ensuring the highest Quality Standards within our facilities and systems to ensure patient safety. We ensure that proper checks and balances are followed in all aspects of the delivery of our healthcare services.

How to define quality of care?

Safe. Delivering health care that minimizes risks and harm to service users, including avoiding preventable injuries and reducing medical errors.

Effective. Providing services based on scientific knowledge and evidence-based guidelines.

Timely. Reducing delays in providing and receiving health care.

Efficient. Delivering health care in a manner that maximizes resource use and avoids waste.

Equitable. Delivering health care that does not differ in quality according to personal characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, geographical location or socioeconomic status.

People-centred. Providing care that takes into account the preferences and aspirations of individual service users and the culture of their community.

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