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August 20, 2018

​Book NMC Tour

NMC offers clinic tours for patients and visitors. The tour is designed to help you and your family in preparing for any planned tests & treatment.  Our tour team will acquaint you with the NMC facilities and help you understand what you can expect during your visit.

To schedule​ a tour, please contact us;

Nasarpur Medical Center Health Network (NMC HN)

Main Matiari Road, Nasarpur District: TandoAllahyar
P.O. Box 70040 Nasarpur
Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92 324-245-4051
Email: [email protected]

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[Karachi-To-Nasarpur] via Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway – 3 h 17 min (198 km)

[Hyderabad-To-Nasarpur] via Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas Rd/N-120 – 58 min (40.7 km)

[TandoAllahyar-To-Nasarpur] via Nasarpur Rd and Tando Allahyar Rd- 24 min (12.8 km)

[MirpurKhas-To-Nasarpur] via Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas Rd/N-120 – 49 min (42.9 km)

[Matiari-To-Nasarpur] via Matiari – Tando Allahyar Rd – 38 min (22.5 km)

[TandoSoomro-To-Nasarpur] via Tando Soomro Rd and Tando Allahyar Rd – 18 min (11.0 km)

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